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Shutters Direct is a locally owned and operated family company with more than 25 years of experience in the Plantation Shutter business. The Johnston family has been a part of this community since 1934 with the establishment of Johnston’s Furniture. We love what we do and we love helping our customers by delivering the best custom plantation shutters to Thousand Oaks, CA, and at a price they can afford.

Dining Room with Plantation ShuttersCustom Basswood Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters make a statement about you and your home whether it is elegant and sophisticated, bold and dramatic, or durable and energy efficient. Whatever your style, your shutters start with high quality materials. Of all materials, wood is the preferred material for plantation shutters, but not all woods are alike. Basswood, is one of the most popular materials for plantation shutters. These trees grow in the northeastern part of the U.S. Basswood gets its name from the inner bark of the tree called bast. The timber from the tree is light weight which allows for wider panels which give you more light and a better view.

Although the wood is light weight, it is extremely durable and strong. Basswood is also one of the straightest of hardwoods and it has an even, uniform texture. The grain of this wood is well suited to natural and stained finishes and does not easily warp.

You Can Save a Little on Your Energy Costs with Indoor Plantation Shutters

As well as enhancing the beauty of your home, plantation shutters can save you money when it comes to cooling and heating your home. Indoor plantation shutters provide insulation which keeps warm or cool air from escaping through your windows. You may be losing as much as 50% of the energy you put in your home through your windows. Keeping your shutters closed during the winter months will provide a barrier which will block the cold drafts and keep the heat indoors. Your shutters will also keep harsh sunlight out during the summer months which helps lower your air conditioning cost. With plantation shutters, you also have the ability to adjust the louvers. This gives you control of the air flow making it easier for you to regulate the temperature in your home.

Custom Plantation Shutters Built to Last

There are many features and attention to details that go into our custom plantation shutters that result in a product we can be proud of. We use multi-sequence hand sanding which is a process of sanding the wood multiple times with finer and finer sandpaper. Once the wood is sanded, it is coated with a high quality paint, stain or acrylic lacquer giving the shutters added strength water and UV resistance, color retention as well as keeping your shutters looking great for years to come.

Tension adjustment screws ensure that your shutters will always operate smoothly and never be too loose or get too tight. This type of screw is inside the stile and increases and decreases the louver tension for proper shutter function keeping them in tip top working order for decades. For added strength we use the mortise and tenon joint. Woodworkers have used this for thousands of years because it is strong and simple. The mortise and tenon joint also bonds more of the wood together creating a stronger more reliable joint.

Another important feature in our plantation shutters is mortised hinges. These hinges are inset into the shutter which results in a tight fit in the window opening and give your shutters an even load distribution with a smooth quiet action. Without the use of the mortised hinge the shutter panels will have a gap allowing unwanted light to seep through the panels.

Our Wooden Plantation Shutters Close Tightly

Our use of hidden recessed magnets also gives your shutters a streamlined look. Many companies use magnets to secure their wood shutters, but not all go the extra mile to them hidden inside the wood allowing the panels to close tightly.

Plantation shutters are an excellent addition to your home that will work well with any décor or style. They are also energy efficient and will increase the value of your home.

You'll Get Great Service and We Partner with Only the Best Makers of Plantation Shutters

Shutters Direct and the Johnston family are old fashioned when it comes to quality and customer service. We take the time to listen carefully to our customers and address all their questions and concerns. Only then can we design and craft our plantation shutters to suit your needs. We will never settle for anything less than the highest quality wood to create our shutters. Because we expect the best, the Johnston family only partners with a select group of manufacturers. This is how we ensure the quality, beauty, and functionality of your shutters.

With your Free Estimate, you will experience our professional and friendly service as well as see firsthand the beauty and quality of our plantation shutters. You will also find more options and higher quality products at competitive prices than at the big box stores. We can help you select the perfect shutters for your home to fit your needs and budget.

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