Plantation Shutters for Camarillo, CA

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular types of window treatments because of their beauty and durability. They are also energy efficient and will increase the value of your home. Shutters Direct has been in the plantation shutter business since 1991 and we can help you select the perfect shutters for your home. This family run company provides superior quality plantation shutters for Camarillo that are built to last at prices below that of the big box stores. Because of our years of experience, we know how to pass the savings on to you.

Office with Computer and Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters in the Background.We Partner with Only the Best Manufacturers of Plantation Shutters

We only partner with a handful of quality product manufacturers that create shutters you can be proud of for years to come. Our solid wood shutters begin with grade A or finer Basswood. Timber from the Basswood tree has many qualities that make it ideal for plantation shutters. Basswood has a uniform texture and is one of the straightest of the hardwoods. It has a fine grain that takes well to natural and stained finishes. Basswood timber is also light weight yet extremely strong allowing for a wider panel. Wider panels bring in more light and give you a better view.

Custom Indoor Plantation Shutters Built to Beautify and Last

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, our plantation shutters are built tough and will function perfectly for years. Many companies use magnets to secure their shutters, but we take it a step further by recessing the magnets inside the wood giving your shutters a tighter fit and more streamlined look. We also use mortised hinges that are inset into the shutter. This feature is important because it gives a tighter fit in the window opening which means there will be no gaps letting in unwanted light through the panels. The use of mortised hinges also allows the load distribution to be more even resulting in a smoother, quieter action.

With the addition of tension adjustment screws, your shutters will always function properly. They will never get too tight or too loose because the screws inside the stile increase and decrease the louver tension ensuring proper shutter function at all times.

Our plantation shutters are built to function flawlessly last in your home for years. We use the mortise and tenon joint which woodworkers have used for thousands of years. This type of joint is made of a tenon tongue that is precisely cut to fit the mortise hole, then it may be glued, pinned or wedged to lock in place. The mortise and tenon joint is a durable and reliable because it bonds more of the wood together.

Your Shutters Will Have a Beautiful, Sturdy Finish

For added beauty and dimension we use multi-sequence hand sanding. Once the wood is sanded multiple times, it is coated with high quality stain or paint. Our acrylic lacquer finish gives your plantation shutters strength and resistance to water and fading from UV light. This process will help your shutters retain their color for years.

And You Can Save a Bit on Your Energy Costs

With solid wood plantation shutters not only do you add value to your home, but you will save on energy costs as well. With shutters, you can control the air flow through your home. Whether you are keeping warm or cool air in, the shutters give you an added barrier from the elements keeping your home at your ideal temperature.

Shutters Direct has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, in manufacturing, sales and installation. Chuck Johnston and the Johnston family offer high quality indoor shutters at prices below the big box stores. The Johnston family will bring the showroom to you along with top notch customer service. We are always friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. You will see firsthand the elegance and craftsmanship of our products. They are so good that provide a lifetime warranty on them. Let us help you enhance your home with custom plantation shutters.

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Lifetime warranty on custom plantation shutters.
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